EMI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) education and practice. Our membership consists of attorneys, ADR practitioners, educators, and students. We are unified by a common belief that interest-based ADR education and practice are transformational tools for promoting effective business and legal leadership, as well as a mechanism for personal growth and comprehensive solutions.



Over thirty years in, ADR education stands at a crossroad. 

As ADR education continues in its mission for ubiquity within legal and business education, there is now a generation of students and practitioners who have had the immense benefit of participating in educational programs in which interest-based principles and philosophies were taught and emphasized.  From this backdrop has emerged a new group of ADR elite – nationally and internationally decorated innovators who have had the opportunity to focus their legal studies in ADR.  They have professional skills that are more robust and fully realized than many seasoned practitioners in the still-burgeoning field of ADR.  Lacking any preconceptions about the legal profession and the nature of conflict, this new group of students and practitioners is teeming with talent, innovative perspectives, and ideas to contribute to ADR. 

Unfortunately, the opportunities to express these talents and ideas suffer in a system that has not yet fully incorporated these principles.  Until now, advocacy for ADR has primarily focused on raising awareness about interest-based theory and defending the existence of ADR education.  Now is the time to take the next step – to focus on progressing and developing new paradigms of interest-based ADR education past these initial conceptual points, and to expand the reach, scope, and depth of focus for ADR education within new and existing ADR programs.  Doing so will create viable career paths for the new generation of practitioners who have the highest potential for talent within the field, all while markedly improving and changing the face of ADR education and the resulting legal, business, and dispute resolution communities.

This is where EMI Foundation comes in.