The UC Hastings ADR Team will be having tryouts for appointments to their 2015-2016 competition roster.  Join EMI Foundation in supporting these efforts by volunteering to serve as judge for a 60 minute negotiation round and help the UC Hastings program make its selections for the coming year.

For judges, the night starts at 7:30pm in Room A of the 198 Building at UC Hastings.  There will be a short presentation to orient you to the rules for the negotiation round and present feedback guidelines for your interactions with the students and information to provide back to the program. 

EMI Foundation Deputy Chair Billy Hileman will make a presentation to the students on the concept of Interests starting at 7:00pm if you would like to attend.

To participate, please contact us or email Clint Waasted at or so we can arrange to provide you with materials and a schedule for the night and arrange to have your name on the guest list for building security.

Thanks in advance for your help and support!