EMI Foundation provides resources and funding to support and improve existing ADR education programs, as well as expertise and organization to help create new ADR education programs for interested institutions.  We provide opportunities for students to develop their skills through classroom instruction and interscholastic competitions.  Our services include:

  • Judging and Coaching for Negotiation and Mediation Competitions

  • Teaching ADR skills through one-on-one customized instruction based on a student’s style and ability level

  • Fundraising and donations to support travel and expenses for Competition ADR Programs

  • Creating ADR Student Organizations at schools

  • Providing Awards and Recognition for outstanding scholarship and student performance in ADR

We believe that the combination of academic instruction and practical experience leads to the greatest growth for students and practitioners.  Through these educational opportunities our goal is to improve the of understanding and abilities for all ADR students and practitioners, as well as to expand the reach of ADR generally.



Practitioners and students can become members of EMI Foundation and volunteer to coach or judge for a Negotiation or Mediation Competition Team, as well as volunteering to present at EMI Foundation Educational Panels, become a student mentor, or other educational opportunities. We also accept donations and are looking to partner with law firms and businesses to help us support ADR education. Visit our website for more information and to learn how you can become a member of EMI Foundation and help change the shape of ADR education.